Phase 4 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box ends successfully with 41,666 Heco-CVT to win 0.5 BTC

6 min readApr 16, 2021

— — NFT auctioned successfully can be used for CVT loans on CROSS

Heco & CROSS have launched the Mystery Box mechanism, adopting the “game theory + mystery box” approach to enrich the current form of NFT auctions in the market. Mystery Box is held every Friday, and the rewards of each phase are adjusted according to the quality of the NFTs, the financial support provided by the partners, and market expectations.

Introduction to Phase 4 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box:

1. Increased number of NFTs: The number of NFTs in the event has been added to 9 with a start price of 50 Heco-CVT for each. All of the NFTs are designed by a well-known NFT artist Dr. CHI.

2. Support CVT bidding: This event supports Heco-CVT for bidding, and the ultimate prize is Heco-CVT worth 0.6 BTC;

3. Increased rewards: The Mystery Box reward is increased to 0.6 BTC which is divided into 0.1 BTC & 0.5 BTC to any two mystery boxes with a winning rate of 22%.

4. NFT value upgrade: The successfully auctioned NFT can be directly used in the NFT loans of the CROSS platform.

Introduction to the NFT artist & the NFTs

Artist: Dr.CHI

Dr.CHI is one of the most influential young artists born in the 1980s in China, and also a renowned NFT artist in the crypto community with millions of fans. He is known as Asia’s top commercial artist, having teamed up with Bulgari, MCM, New Balance, Starter, Diesel, Tmall,, Volkswagen, Absolute Vodka, Budweiser, Max & Co. Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Samsung Electronics and nearly one hundred well-known international brands. The NFTs of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box were all designed by him.


Innocent — Back to Street series is an important creation among Dr. CHI’s enormous artworks. It has been exhibited in plenty of art spaces around the world such as Portland in the US, Arles in France, Sydney in Australia, Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in South Korea, Busan, Hong Kong, etc. The artworks on display have been collected by well-known art exhibition halls such as the White Rabbit Art Museum in Australia, the M+ Museum in Hong Kong, China, and the Shanghai Photographic Art Center in China. The series is also exhibited as invited works of Art Beijing 2021.

Data from Phase 4 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box

First round of auctions: The first round of auctions started at 14:00 (UTC+8) with the 9 NFTs from the series “BACK TO STREET” designed by a well-known NFT artist Dr. CHI. The winning bids for the 9 NFTs were 13,000, 15,900, 19,555, 11,000, 14,400, 15,900, 15,000, 13,400 and 13,000 Heco-CVT respectively. The total bid amount is 131,155 Heco-CVT. The winning addresses could freely choose to open the mystery boxes of the NFTs or to reauction. During the period, the total number of visits on CROSS reached 21,168 and the total bid amount was as high as 279,557 Heco-CVT.

Reauction data: The NFTs of NO.1, NO.2, NO.3, NO.4, NO.5, NO.6 & NO.9 have all been reauctioned by the winners, among which NO.2 was reauctioned 3 times, with the final winning bid of 19,200 Heco-CVT and the Heco-CVT prize worth 0.1 BTC. NO.1, NO.4, NO.5 & NO.6 were reauctioned more than 5 times.

End of auction data: Before 19:00 (UTC+8), containing a Heco-CVT prize equivalent of 0.5 BTC, a co-branded NFT mystery box was successfully opened with a winning bid of 41,666 Heco-CVT. The 9 NFTs’ final winning bid are 23,000, 19,000, 28,000, 41,000, 20,000, 41,666, 15,000, 13,400 and 44,500 Heco-CVT. The comprehensive transaction volume is 245,566 Heco-CVT (also $76,125).

Final data: The total number of addresses enrolled in Phase 4 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box was 37,728, the cumulative number of bids was 531,623, close to $170,000. The transaction volume of a single event is as high as 1 million RMB.

Heco-CVT retrieval process for failed bids:

Step 1: Open “User Center”.

Step 2: Select “Auction”.

Step 3: Select “Ended” and select the NFT that has failed bids.

Step 4: Click “Withdraw”. This process will need a very small amount of Heco-HT as the transaction GAS.

About Heco & CROSS Mystery Box

The rules and procedures of Mystery Box are as follows:

Step 1: From every Monday to Wednesday, send your contributions to;

Step 2: The selected artists and NFTs of this week will be announced every Thursday, and the whole network warm-up comes along;

Step 3: The first round of auctions will be launched at 10:00 (UTC+8) every Friday, adopting blind auctions for bidding;

Step 4: Each NFT is equipped with a mystery box, and the NFT winner can choose to open the box to check if he or she has won the ultimate prize, or choose to reauction the NFT;

Step 5: The successfully auctioned NFT can be directly used in the NFT loans of the CROSS platform.

Welcome to join Heco & CROSS Mystery Box

Using crypto artworks as the entry point, Heco & CROSS have first launched the NFT section of crypto artworks. Insisting on originality and copyright protection as always, we invite artists from all over the world to join us. You can submit your contributions to, providing high-quality, diversified and valuable artworks!

If you still have any questions about this event or want to know more, you can add us on WeChat (WeChat ID: cyberveincvt). Meanwhile, we look forward to your valuable suggestions and feedback on Mystery Box. You are most welcome to leave a message below!

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