Phase 3 of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box has entered reauction with the number of NFT reauction exceeding 6 times

According to official news, Heco & CROSS have launched Phase 3 of Mystery Box. After the first round of auctions, the 4 NFTs have been reauctioned with the reauction amount reaching 1,460 HT (equal to $25,156).

Fig, Ideal and Trash and Treasured have all been reauctioned once, while Realm of Magic has been reauctioned three times. However, the mystery boxes of the NFTs are still unopened. In a nutshell, the four NFTs of Heco & CROSS Mystery Box have been reauctioned for 6times with the total bid amount of 5,780 HT (equal to $100,000).

Here is Heco & CROSS Mystery Box:

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