NFT Getting Started Guide, Newcomer’s Quick Advance Collection (Part 2)

In the previous article, what NFT is has been explained to you. This article will take CROSS under the CyberVein Foundation as the protagonist and talk about NFT.

What is the NFT of CVT? NFT in CROSS is equivalent to a technology and transaction solution, and NFT can also realize the value of big data.

How to operate CROSS specifically, CyberVein official Twitter and Medium both published tutorials. At the same time, according to the various news that CyberVein has always released, we can know that the entire Defi+NFT ecosystem of CROSS is operated based on “big data”. If big data holders and producers all over the world want to conduct global big data business, CROSS can help them discover the value and business advancement based on the data value generated by its financial derivatives. And these financial derivatives are build by big data, namely big data financial derivatives.

What is DAVE, CROSS and NFT proposed by CVT?

DAVE is a smart city solution; CROSS is a tool for processing big data, among which NFT is a CROSS technology and transaction solution, and DeFi is a smart financial solution in a smart city. Data operating in the CyberVein ecosystem will be traded in two forms. For traditional data transactions, it can be done directly on DAVE. If you want to further trade the data converted into financial assets, such as NFT, you need to do it through auctions on the derivatives trading platform CROSS. The goal of CROSS is to realize the long term value of data transactions. CVT combines DeFi+NFT and incorporates original technologies and concepts such as AI and CeFi. Introducing a super ecosystem that integrates “Cefi+Defi+NFT+AI”, which can not only provide various data solutions, but also achieve data realization.

What are the innovations of NFT in CVT?

Although Defi and NFT have been proposed two or three years ago, they are just becoming the future trend. What CVT CROSS has to do is to integrate NFT+Defi+Cefi+AI solutions and technologies into one to solve the problems that Defi and NFT cannot solve on the market, making the application scenarios wider and the application value more practical. What CVT has to do is to become a blockchain 3.0, become the leader in the next blockchain world, and use the value of big data to create a rich digital economy, which is closely related to everyone.

CyberVein uses NFT as a new and huge financial asset category, and transfers [digital asset ownership] to the blockchain through NFT, and then talks about these trillion-unit-level digital content (such as big data, information materials, etc.) ) Move from the blockchain to the secondary market, and then release huge liquidity. Imagine this kind of future scenario: all digital assets will be placed on the new CVT platform in the form of NFTs, bringing amazing big data diversification products and big data financial derivatives to traders and investors, making my data unique Used!

Take CVT as an example: You use NFT to take a piece of big data on CROSS, and you own the ownership of the digital asset, then you can rent and sell the big data to get the corresponding income. Compared with the traditional data processing and circulation mode, CyberVein’s advantages are not only lower cost and higher security, but also the multidimensional value of data can be realized. The transaction of metadata of traditional data can only trade the basic value of the data, and cannot trade the forward value and expected value of the data. CyberVein emphasizes the application potential of data assets as financial derivatives in the future. The current NFT insurance policy jointly launched by CyberVein and Hong Kong AIA is only a form of data assets. In the future, CROSS can also trade more derivatives.

There are always endless new ways to play in the currency circle and chain circle, and many people always become the pioneers and enjoy the sweetness. Of course, there is high risk here. Therefore, we must learn to judge which projects are truly in line with market demand and create market demand, only these can go on.

CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.