Important upgrade of CROSS with mystery box games launched this week

In light of the surge in user volume and service demand for the CROSS platform, and in order to better protect the copyright of digital assets such as crypto arts to make the value of digital assets more reasonable, the CROSS team has already adjusted and upgraded the platform smart contract, and has resumed functionality and normal operation recently. The main adjustment is that when users initiate NFT auctions, they will be charged with 2HT as a fund for the CROSS Artist Support Program which aims for purchasing high-quality original works, with a public address of 0x3FD0dBe2Fa11B2A2Faa9092D411eceDd3121435C

Additionally, CROSS is committed to developing the enterprise client side, art division, mystery box games and other functions. The latest function launched online is the first phase of mystery box games with the total bonus pool of 0.5 BTC. The CROSS team will strive continuously to improve technical support, giving users better experience.



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