Huobi Global & Heco’s official partner CROSS to launch Phase 2 of Mystery Box at 16:00 (UTC+8) on Mar. 26

3 min readMar 25, 2021


Introduction to Phase 2 of CROSS Mystery Box:

A batch of NFTs will be launched in every phase of CROSS Mystery Box. Each NFT has a built-in mystery box, while only one of the boxes contains the ultimate prize provided by the CyberVein Foundation. Only player who has successfully auctioned the NFT can open the mystery box.

The co-branded NFTs launched in Phase 2 are in cooperation with TRON, Cointelegraph, Odaily, and Bitget Exchange. One of the mystery boxes of the four NFTs contains the ultimate prize worth of 0.5 BTC, which means that each box has a 25% winning rate. The box can only be opened by player who has successfully auctioned the NFT.

Game tutorial:

Mystery Box operation guidance (PC):

Mystery Box operation guidance(Mobile):

Click to participate in the game:

Game time:

Phase 2: 16:00–23:59 (UTC+8) on March 26, 2021

(HT equivalent of 0.5 BTC will be transferred to the winning address in real time.)

Important information:

-Before participating in the game, please make sure that your MetaMask Wallet, Huobi Wallet or Bitkeep Wallet has been connected to CROSS, and there are enough HT in the wallet linked to CROSS to participate in the auction.

-HT is used as the GAS fee on Heco, also the transaction fee when you bid for NFTs which is extremely low.

-Only 3‰ transaction fee is charged for every bid. If you have failed in the auction of mystery boxes, you can withdraw your bid (not including the transaction fee) after the auction.

Auction Method:

This auction model adopts the Vickery Auction, also known as blind auction. All bidders submit sealed bids at the same time, and no one knows the bids of others as a result. The bidder with the highest bid will get the auction item at their price, which means that the winner needs to pay more than the start price.

Start Price:

Players need to ensure that there are sufficient HT in the bidding address to participate in the bidding. The start price of an NFT for the first time is 0.5 HT, and the player’s bid must be higher than 0.5 HT.

Game Rules:

At 16:00 (UTC+8) on 26th March, CROSS will launch 4 NFTs for four-hour auctions. User can click on any NFT to bid.

①Participate in the auction: One address is allowed for bidding for one NFT and for multiple NFTs.

②Successful auction: At 20:00(UTC+8), the four addresses of successful auctions will be displayed. Successful players can freely choose reauction or to open the mystery boxes.

③Failed auction: Click collection in the personal centre and retrieve HT on the bid NFT page.

④Reauction: Fill in the auction fee and time before reauctioning NFTs and mystery boxes. The smart contract will automatically open the unopened mystery box at 23:59 on the same day.

⑤Auction again: If any NFT winner chooses to auction the NFT, other players can bid again for the NFT and the mystery box;

⑥Open the mystery box: If the mystery box contains the ultimate prize, the game ends; if not, the winning rate of other unopened NFT mystery boxes will increase;

⑦Game over: Users who won the NFT but not the ultimate prize can reauction the NFT, and other players can still bid for their favourite NFT without the mystery box.

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