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3 min readApr 19, 2021


Recently, CyberVein and Poly Network, a cross-chain interoperability agreement, have reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties have jointly deployed a safe and efficient cross-chain bridge to fast migrate and transfer CVT assets between the Ethereum chain ETH, the Binance Smart Chain BSC and the Huobi ECO Chain Heco. In order to encourage users to migrate CVT from the Ethereum network to the Huobi ECO Chain Heco, the CyberVein team will conduct a large-scale airdrop with a total prize pool of 50,000 Heco-CVT to users who hold Heco-CVT and “lock-up assets”.

How users obtain Heco-CVT:

-Map CVT from the ETH chain to the Heco chain through the one-click cross-chain tool Poly Bridge

Tutorial link: A tutorial to cross-chain ETH-CVT to Heco-CVT through the one-click cross-chain tool Poly Bridge

-Get Heco-CVT on MDEX

Tutorial link: “Guide to getting Heco-CVT on MDEX”

-Buy Heco-CVT directly on the MDEX exchange in Huobi Wallet

Link: https://mdex.com/

Contract address: 0xd27547a4e3ba5fbc8ac6c2477151ab8e17e4d341

Rules for users to get Heco-CVT airdrop:

-The CyberVein team will take 2 random snapshots based on the Heco-CVT holding addresses displayed on Heco Scan. Only the Heco-CVT addresses appearing in both snapshots can be airdropped. If the number of Heco-CVT in the two snapshots is different, the snapshot with the smaller amount will be counted.

-Random snapshot is taken at any two periods from 10:00 (UTC+8) April 16 to 23:59 (UTC+8) April 30. Users can consider the time period as “self lock-up time”. The randomly selected snapshot time will be made public after the airdrop is completed;

-This airdrop will divide the prize pool according to the proportion of the number of Heco-CVT held by individual users to the number of Heco-CVT held by all users.

For example: If user A holds 1,000 Heco-CVT and the number of Heco-CVT held by all users is 10,000 Heco-CVT, then user A can get an airdrop of 10% of the total prize pool, which is 10% of the total prize pool of 50,000 Heco-CVT.

The CyberVein team will announce the winners’ list on May 6, and the airdrop will be issued within 5 working days after the announcement of the winners’ list to the winning addresses.

CyberVein team

April 19, 2021

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