Heco & CROSS to release Global Artist Select Program with Mystery Box awaiting you every Friday

Huobi Heco & CROSS have launched Mystery Box together, adopting the “game theory + mystery box” approach to enrich the current form of NFT auctions in the market. The first two phases of Mystery Box were held on February 26 and March 26. Based on the enthusiastic response from plenty of users and the strong market drive, Heco & CROSS has now decided to adjust the event time of Mystery Box. It will be held every Friday from this week, and will be carried out according to the quality of NFT artworks, financial support provided by partners, and market expectations to make the adjustments of Mystery Box rewards.

The rules and procedures of new Mystery Box are as follows:

Step 1: Contribute within the whole network from every Monday to Wednesday;

Step 2: Announce the selected artists and NFT artworks of this week every Thursday and start the whole network warming-up;

Step 3: Start the first round of auctions at 10:00 every Friday and adopt blind auctions for bidding.

Invite global artists to join:

Using crypto artworks as the entry point, Huobi Heco & CROSS first launched the NFT section of crypto artworks. CROSS has always insisted on originality and copyright protection, respecting the rights and interests of every CROSS user and community member, and has now launched “Artist Select Program of 100 million CVT “, inviting artists from all over the world to join us, provide high-quality, diversified, and valuable artworks. Together we will transform the art market and influence the world of crypto assets! Let more people feel the charm of crypto art.

Entry threshold and selection process:

global selection → qualification assessment → works released

Step 1 Global selection

We welcome creative and imaginative artists from all over the world to sign up to participate in the program, which will be effective for a long time.

-Submit your personal profile and works (electronic version works, works that prohibit obscenity, pornography, vulgarity, violent superstition, or serious political inclination) to prteam@cybervein.org. The platform will do the first round of the primary selection. Those who pass the primary selection will be replied within 5 days.

Step 2 Qualification Assessment

-CyberVein Foundation and CROSS will set up a special art committee. The members of the art committee are all well-known contemporary artists at home and abroad.

-Contact the artists who have passed the preliminary selection by email, and the selected candidates must provide relevant certificates that can prove that the ownership of the work belongs to them (for example, Chinese artists need to provide copyright registration information on the National Copyright Administration website, and artists from other regions need to provide the corresponding national official copyright Institutional filing information), and indicate in the email that the CROSS platform is authorized to have the right to use and disseminate its work online. The work has exclusive authorization and has not been published on other competing platforms.

-Failure to grant authorization is deemed to have voluntarily waived the qualification to participate. Artists who are interested in cooperation need to reply to the email according to the above requirements, and the platform will conduct a second round of selection to eliminate false filings and works without filing information.

(Category requirements: The works that pass the second selection will be classified according to different themes, such as landscape, collectibles, characters, avant-garde art, etc.)

Step 3 Works released

After negotiation, the artwork will be used in various activities in the later period of CROSS. The artist is obliged to conduct simultaneous publicity and supervise copyright use issues.


CROSS is a decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform that Huobi Heco officially cooperates exclusively with in the NFT field, and also the platform with the most diverse types of NFTs in the industry. The main types are digital financial derivatives, training models, digital tokens and crypto artworks. CROSS was born based on the global market’s demand for data assets. Since its launch, a total of 250,000 wallet addresses have entered the market, and the number of auctions in a single day has reached tens of thousands. It is in the leading position in the “DeFi + NFT” field in terms of market depth, functional style, business development, and community size.

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