First phase of CROSS Mystery Box declared winner with winning bid close to 400 HT

CROSS Website:

According to CROSS official news, an NFT mystery box which was entitled “Poloniex — Wealthy Ox” and contained HT equivalent of 0.5 BTC, was successfully opened at 20:05. The winning address is 0xA2c4E350BB0315b70b86160b14AA52Ef04aAbb15 with a winning bid as high as 374.8 HT. The CROSS co-branded Year of the Ox & Crypto Community Bull Market NFT was designed by a renowned NFT artist Mr. Chili in cooperation with Poloniex Exchange. Its main feature is green and the ox, indicating that the bull market can amplify the effect of investment and leverage the maximum interests.

The latest data shows that the number of new addresses enrolled in CROSS Mystery Box is 2K+, the total number of visits exceeds 6K, the total bid amount reaches 2157 HT, and the cumulative bid is much higher than the ultimate prize worth of 0.5 BTC. In addition, the second phase of CROSS Mystery Box is in full preparation. CVT will be used as a payment medium, while the game page, interactive experience and rules as well as regulations will be enhanced and optimized in the next stage.

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