Elon Musk: Success Secrets

It is difficult today to find a person who doesn’t know who Elon Musk is. Millions of people watched the launch of his rocket live. He is known as the founder of Zip2, PayPal, OpenAI, SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and NeuraLink. But how did he achieve all this? Let’s look at the secrets to his success.

💪Difficulties Made Him Stronger

Musk was bullied at school to such an extent that he once had to be hospitalized after classmates attacked him. He was looking for a way out and found it in computers and the IT world. Then, in 2008, Musk, owning two huge companies, was almost ruined, but he found a way out.

💪He Moves Forward

At the age of 12, Musk created his first computer game, and at the age of 17, he began a new project. He became rich thanks to the creation of PayPal. While many people would stop there ($170 million is enough to live on for your entire life), Musk continued to move forward and invent, always looking for something new. The result: cars, missiles, and who knows what else.

💪Didn’t Stop When Others Stopped

Musk does not allow anyone or anything to stop him, but many people tried to do so. “He has the will. Elon is not afraid to break things — he will break himself if he has to,” says Justine Musk, his first wife and the mother of his first five children.

💪Carefully Chooses Who to Work With

Musk, as you know, asks job candidates one question and carefully listens to what they have to say. The answer tells him who really knows what they’re doing and who has great potential.

💪Devotes a Lot of Time to His Work

Admittedly, Musk’s work ethic is very intense and contradicts all the good advice about taking holidays, taking breaks, and doing only one thing at a time. His favorite method of work, for example, is multitasking. Musk once said that entrepreneurs should work 80 to 100 hours a week. He constantly worked 100 hours a week but recently reduced his schedule to 80 to 90 hours a week.




CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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