CyberVein Weekly Report


Technical Progress Summary

  1. Official version of CyAuction APP is launched, and the new set of NFT crypto artwork will be imported for auction.
  2. Auction smart contract of CROSS is in testing phase.
  3. The brand new design of CROSS platform official site has accomplished.

Global Market Update

On November 1st:

CyberVein sponsored the Swiss digital exchange “The White Spaces Show” program hosted by Global marketing director Pavel.

On November 9th:

CyberVein’s official media officially promoted the DAVE smart city ecology and opened “DAVE Month” for global momentum.

On November 10th:

CVT co-founder Grace accepted a special interview with Bloackchain Today and published it in the magazine.

On November 11th:

CVT was introduced by Pohang Science and Technology Park, a South Korean government agency, to participate in the Korean local main chain project, and the second technical seminar was completed.

On November 12th:

CyberVein global ambassador Jack attended the AMA held by the world famous AMA_Community.

PANews conducted an exclusive interview and special report on CyberVein, analyzing how DAVE uses blockchain to redefine the data center.

On November 13th:

CyberVein officially launched the DAVE Alliance global recruitment campaign.

Golden Finance interviewed Jesse Liu, the Secretary-General of Global Strategy of CyberVein Foundation, and published an article “DAVE: Becoming a Data Value Driving Engine” on the Golden Finance platform.

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