CyberVein Weekly Report

Nov 9, 2020



Technical Progress Summary

  1. The official version of the Cybervein Auction App is entering the final stage of optimization and improvement, and the NFT import function has been added.
  2. CROSS Auction smart contract is under development.
  3. CROSS Platform official website is in rebuilding progress.


  1. On November 3rd, CyberVein sponsored The White Spaces Show hosted by Pavel Jakovlev. The show is part of the Swiss Digital Days and discusses around topics such as, enterprise innovation & digital transformation.
  2. On November 5th, CyberVein held a mini airdrop activity regarding the price of BTC.
  3. On November 8th, CyberVein held an airdrop event in the telegram community to congratulate the launch of CVT on the Poloniex exchange.




CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.