CyberVein Weekly Report 03/15/2021–03/19/2021

2 min readMar 22, 2021


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CyberVein Project Progress

1. Open auction, blind auction and fixed-price auction will be supported in CROSS’s smart contracts.

2. Modules such as followers and favourite artworks will be included in Personal Centre on CROSS.

CyberVein Global Event Update

1.CyberVein launched its AMA+Quiz on Telegram on Mar 17, 2021.

2.CyberVein released the latest global data from we-media and communities on Mar 18,2021.

3. CyberVein global ambassador Jack Ge lived streaming with Poloniex Greater China AMA on Mar 19, 2021.

About Us

Founded in 2017, CyberVein is a global smart city operation center initiated and authorized by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation, working in the construction and development of global smart cities.

With concrete products and applications in industries, CyberVein builds efficient data value ecosystems, provides four smart city solutions through the newly developed DAVE (Data Analytics & Valuation Engine) and offers customized services for smart cities at home and abroad.

CyberVein’s cryptocurrency CVT is used as a medium for NFT issuing and trading in all walks of life. It makes data an asset and can be used as incentives, credit points and big data transaction fees. So far, CVT is available on some of the largest international digital currency exchanges, including HitBTC、OKEx、Bit-Z、Bittrex、Bitbns、Uniswap、MXC and Poloniex.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.