CyberVein participated in the 10th MARVELS Seoul as the only co-sponsor, attracting the attention of Korean politicians

Abstract — The welcome attitude of digital and friendly cultural and political environment have made South Korea one of the pioneer countries in the development of blockchain technology. In terms of cryptocurrency trading alone, South Korea’s daily average cryptocurrency trading volume exceeds 20% of the global index, making it the most active digital currency investment market in Asia. At the same time, the government actively promulgated blockchain-related policies to promote the implementation of blockchain. South Korea’s friendly, inclusive and innovative blockchain environment coincides with the development needs of CyberVein! This is also the significance of CyberVein as the co-organizer of Marvels Seoul 2020.

On October 20th, the “World Blockchain Summit-Marvels Seoul 2020” was held at Le Méridien Seoul, South Korea. The summit united dozens of Korean legislators including Seoul, Busan, Jeju City and Sejong City. Government officials, scholars, entrepreneurs, developers, IT experts, and elites in the investment and financing industry attended the legal field. It is the only high-end event held regularly in South Korea. The theme of this year is “Analysis of the Blockchain after 2019 Coronavirus Ecological Technology”. As the first overseas blockchain project certified by the Korean government, CyberVein is the sole co-sponsor of the summit and the first overseas project co-sponsor since the tenth session.

The summit was live broadcast simultaneously online, covering more than 10 thousand people, and invited 14 countries, 600 global blockchain industry leaders, and 1,000 industry elite organizations to discuss and explore the future value of global blockchain + AI industry applications. The conference agenda is mainly divided into four major links: the organizer’s speech, the government’s high-level keynote speech, the guest keynote speech, and the round table discussion. It mainly revolves around “blockchain innovating for a better life”, “analysis of the status quo and development of AI”, “The Prospect of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence” and other five major sectors to communicate and discuss.

CyberVein won the chief of speech and was accepted interviews with multiple media

CyberVein co-sponsor Grace, as the representative of CVT, won the top speech of this summit and gave a special speech on “The Fourth Industrial Revolution-New Normal”. It has won the attention of domestic and overseas and traditional medias. It is worth mentioning that the order of this speech is arranged in accordance with popularity and importance. The organizer specially arranged CyberVein as the first speaker, and also carried out a project style display, in order to impassion the audience and bring different ideas to the conference. It can be seen that CyberVein has an excellent reputation in South Korea and is highly valued.

After the meeting, at least 20 media reported on CyberVein, including Golden Finance, Chain News, CoinNess, Tokenpost, FNToday, TVCC, GenieMedia, Asian Economy and other world-renowned media platforms, all of which have more than 500,000 daily Active users, the global audience reached by this announcement and report is nearly 5 million.

When faced with questions from the media on the future market development direction of CyberVein, Grace said: ‘CyberVein has successively released technology advancements in 2020. At present, the most popular DeFi+NFT and other technologies have been integrated to form advanced concepts and trends. What’s more, we still provide services around smart cities and big data, and provide a variety of customized services. We have completed industry application scenarios, blockchain application development, and blockchain physical product production, serving 16 domestic and overseas products. Government, business and consumer users in countries and 45 regions cover millions of people and online traffic. Since June, CyberVein has taken root in the Korean market and actively promoted community expansion, technical exchanges, and commercial activities. Open the another Asian market of the CyberVein.

After the meeting, CVT was on fire and became the most shining star of the dinner

“MARVELS Night VIP Dinner” was the highlight of this summit. CyberVein co-sponsor, Grace gave a speech as a representative of the speaker, and had in-depth interactions and exchanges with many elites in local investment and finance industry at the dinner. Through the strength of the organizer Korea CEO Summit, and KCS’s multiple media resources, CyberVein has provided numerous cooperation opportunities. During the meeting, it discussed blockchain layout cooperation with 5 well-known Korean government and enterprises, which will further expand the Korean market of CyberVein’s Layout. At the same time, CyberVein has officially entered the MARVELS global community, which have more than 100 global blockchain companies, more than 1,000 blockchain technologists, and more than 8,000 outstanding member companies owned by KSC, which will cooperate with CyberVein. Looking for information, investors, developers, and experts about the blockchain together.

With the continuous in-depth learning of the blockchain and the continuous expansion of the community, the Blockchain Summit MARVES Seoul Summit has also reached its tenth. As the original intention of “MARVELS”, CyberVein hopes that the blockchain can prosper and create miracles in the real world and the Internet world.

CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.