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CyberVein 2021 Annual Report

2021 is an extraordinary year and a year full of disasters. The new crown pneumonia has brought a profound negative impact on the global economy and human life. 2021 has come to an end, and the blockchain industry this year has fallen from its initial popularity to the double winter of the capital winter and the collapse of the “coin circle” at the end of the year.

Throughout this year, policy and regulatory standards, lack of talents, and high-tech thresholds are important factors hindering the development of blockchain. In just a few months, we have witnessed many blockchain companies closing their doors, large-scale capital divestments, exchanges withdrawing Chinese users, and industry media withdrawing one after another. The new year will be a more difficult year for the blockchain industry. The CyberVein team acts on the front line. CVT will rise or fall, but it will never leave! In the cold winter of the market, CyberVein will break the existing technical structure, promote the ability of commercial landing, improve its own commercial barriers, and survive and develop in a fiercely competitive industrial environment.

一、Technical solutions
In response to the complex intelligence needs of cities in the digital age and new infrastructure environments, Cyber Vein DAVE integrates innovative digital technologies such as blockchain, big data, IOT, AI, 5G, and cloud computing, and adopts a “digital first” layout. The infrastructure and connectivity capabilities of smart cities build the flexibility of smart city systems, provide customized services on the network, and allow more ecosystems to choose to join the smart city’s co-construction and co-governance model.

Cyber​​DAVE provides “PISR database, Cixtrix virtual computing power integration, AI learning” solutions, corresponding to the core issues of monitoring data, data production capacity, and data islands to realize the value of data. CVT serves as the reward layer of smart city projects, and Proohet supply circulation The smart city volume platform is invested, and 80% of the CVT used for the development of the CVT network is used for fine. The CVT tokens used for fine energy will be reduced and the price will rise sharply.
DAVE: As the smart city solution of the main Cyber​​Cyber​​ Vein, it is composed of PISR, DAG, embedded computing platform, and AI system learning. DAVE conducts large-scale data analysis and calculation data, and has the characteristics of security, intelligence, and database value.

-DAVE Alliance: It is not only a technology alliance and industry alliance, but also an ecological alliance, composed of service providers in four major fields: database, distributed storage, distributed computing power integration and federated learning. It is estimated that there will be nearly 200 tradable data products in 2022, with a cumulative data of 40PB and a profit of 8 million U.S. dollars.
Proohet Quantitative Platform: It adopts Martingale strategy and contract Bollinger strategy one-click generation, intelligent trading robot automatically conducts transactions, artificial intelligence trading is the trend, Proohet quantitative trading system core technology, adopts blockchain technology + core intelligent quantitative technology + depth Hundreds of transaction data analysis + core algorithm + cloud data calculation, deep neural network, 24 hours uninterrupted machine learning, the more data, the longer the time, the smarter, the more accurate the market judgment. Compared with traditional quantitative trading, the risk is lower, the threshold is lower, and the returns are more stable and even worse.

二、The size of the community

Cyber​​Vein will finally usher in the fourth anniversary of the project in 2021, and the seeds sown are blooming and bearing fruit-the code is developing steadily, the ecology is growing steadily, and it has won the support of industry leaders:
Community size: CyberVein has millions of fans in China, Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Bangladesh and other countries and regions.
Industry exchanges: OKEx, Bittrex, Hitbtc, Bit-z, Bitbns, UniSwap, MXC, Poloniex, Bithumb, Hanbitco, Coinsuper.

三、 Industry media
-China: WeChat Official Account, Weibo, CSDN, Golden Finance, Cointelegraph Chinese, Coin Express, Coin World, Headline, Thoughts have columns-
Overseas: Github, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, LinkedIn, Bitcointalk, Facebook, YouTube, Slack, Reddit
-South Korea: NAVER, Kakao Talk
-white paper:​​Vein%20English.pdf

四、 Partner CyberVein joins hands with leaders to discuss and win-win
Capital cooperation-Qianhai Himalaya Capital, Vigor Capital, Australian Scientific Bank Capital, Block Capital, South Korea BRP, Turbo Capital;
Market cooperation-Segmentfault, Denghuo Blockchain, CoinNess, CG Hummingbird Group, Golden Finance, Cointelegraph Chinese;
Technical Services — CyberMiles, Zhoukou Port Government, Jiangsu Nisjet, InVault, Shanghai Taishi Tax Rebate, Zhixing Laboratory, BT-Bank, Henan Blockchain Technology Research Association, Dubai Government, SlowMist Technology, Van Li Hotel Group, Macau Yawen Insurance and Wealth Management, BiomX, Kingsoft Cloud, WAFL, NIXBLOCK, PayBank, Crypto.ART, Piction, Carlsberg, Chainlink, Sportfive;
School-enterprise cooperation — Zhejiang University-Digital Pulse Chain Joint Research Center to implement a new model of “smart medical” health service.

五、CyberVein team action is on the front line, CVT will rise or fall, and never leave!
In 2022, 80% of CyberVein’s energy will be used for data provision. In our logical ecology, various fields such as meta universe, medical treatment, finance, government affairs, carbon neutrality, and integrated big data will be connected. As long as more and more companies are willing to share data in the CyberVein ecosystem, and CyberVein can process more and more data, there will be more high-quality data demanders coming in, forming a benign closed loop, and let DAVE Become a bridge data island and an urban island, completing the “Internet of Everything” without borders and barriers.

Cyber​​Vein will also attract more industry talents to join. “Data credibility” needs the world’s top talents to achieve. On the whole, we hope that the security and credibility of data can benefit every city, every company, and every person.

In 2022, we will start the new year at full speed from a new starting point. In 2022, the blockchain industry will be a challenging year. The Cyber​​Vein team invites you to continue walking with us. The recovery of the industry requires more wisdom and efforts from our blockchain practitioners. We will continue to take “smart cities” as our goal, and our exploration of smart cities will never end. Our footsteps towards Xinghai will definitely go further and steadily. While implementing the technology in depth, keep up with the pace of development of the blockchain industry.

I hope that in the new year, the new crown epidemic will ease and the economy will improve. As blockchain encryption technology penetrates into people’s hearts and enters daily life, we look forward to its rapid development-CyberVein will follow.

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