CROSS — The World’s First NFT Issuance and Auction Platform

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CROSS is a decentralized NFT issuance and auction platform created by CyberVein. Users can monetize their digital assets by minting NFT through CROSS. Data owners and producers who intend to participate in the global business of big data can use CROSS to put their data into commercial use.

While businesses and governments can leverage CROSS to add value to their data and improve their work, customers can also profit from the data they provide.

Characteristics of CROSS Technology

Decentralization and high efficiency are two distinct characteristics of CROSS. To be more specific, is has the following strengths:

1. CROSS supports the issuance and auction of NFTs meeting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard.

2. NFTs issued by businesses will be based on real data that Chainlink accesses from PISR Database. They will also be added into DAVE collection and supported by DAVE Alliance.

3. Companies can create their own Collection to directly issue NFT. Meanwhile, they can also issue the NFT in their CROSS Collection, during which they will be able to get technological support and low gas fee.

4. This decentralized auction is enabled by smart contract. Modes including the Vickrey Auction, the English Auction and the Dutch Auction are all available.

5. CROSS uses BDN technology and layer-0 solutions to optimize network transmission and divide blocks. This will bring the experience of decentralized auction to a whole new level.

Commercial Value of CROSS

NFT acts as a vehicle of value on CROSS. There are a variety of NFTs for trade on the platform. Besides the popular digital arts, there are also a bunch of financial derivatives including training models and digital tokens, which represents a perfect combination of NFT and DeFi.

Essentially, CROSS uses NFT as a solution for technology and trade. It helps address problems that are faced by current DeFi and NFT, including lack of variety, application scenarios and practical value.

CROSS effectively integrates solutions and technologies such as NFT, DeFi, Cefi and AI to fully dig out the value of NFT, which is determined by its popularity on the market and its price in open transactions.

CVT is used to reward enterprises and individuals who contribute their resources to data analysis and Federated Learning. It can also be used to monetize digital assets through NFT issuance and trading.

Future Plan for CROSS

1. Token Mapping

CVT will be used to issue and trade NFTs in different application scenarios within the big data ecosystem. It can also be used to pay transaction fees, convert points and hand out rewards.

2. Ecosystem Development

NFTs on CROSS include financial derivatives, training models, digital tokens and encrypted artworks, making CROSS a platform with most diverse NFTs in the field.

3. Launching on More Public Chains

CyberVein will seek to launch CROSS on more mainstream public chains such as Huobi ECO Chain and Binance Smart Chain for common growth. It will work hard to build a closed-loop ecosystem of technologies, applications and transactions, provide global developers with more innovations and fundamental services and promote development of decentralized applications in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

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