CROSS official announcement: CVT payment function to be initiated on CROSS this month when users can use CVT for NFT issuance and auction

Dear CVT & CROSS users:

The CROSS team will fully initiate the CVT payment function in Mid-March and issue a new usage tutorial in order to allow everyone to use the CROSS platform services more smoothly. Users can use CVT not only for bidding in the Phase 2 of CROSS Mystery Box, but also for NFT issuance and auction in the future since CVT will be the most important circulation medium on CROSS.

As a practical token, CVT is used as a necessary payment method and circulation medium in the CyberVein network and its smart city ecosystem. It is also the payment medium in the big data services provided by DAVE Alliance and CROSS. The main usage scenarios are storage payment, encrypted payment, computing power payment and big data service payment with practical value and strong liquidity.

As a key part of CyberVein’s construction of a smart city, CROSS uses NFT as a technology and transaction solution to achieve data capitalization, while the DAVE smart city solution provides data management, storage, research, and usage services. If users need to capitalize data in traditional data transactions, it can be completed directly within the alliance chain in DAVE; if they want turn data into diversified assets in long-term circulation, they can conduct data NFT transactions directly on CROSS.

At the beginning of this month, CyberVein global ambassador, Jack, announced what we have achieved so far and what we will do in 2021. NFTs launched on the CROSS platform are crypto artworks with nearly 250,000 addresses, indicating a large and solid user base. In this year, CROSS will access the DAVE Alliance to focus on the development and operation of B-end services. Data financial derivatives, AI training models, and NFT-based services will be launched, and CVT will be used as a method of payment, which means its liquidity and demand will increase substantially.

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March 9, 2021

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