CROSS Official Announcement

Dear users:

After official investigation, it was found that the NFT in cooperation with Cointelegraph in the Phase 2 of CROSS Mystery Box had security issues regarding the smart contract, where fraudulent auction was found, leading to malicious bidding and repetitive data refreshing. The CyberVein Foundation has decided to launch a new round of bidding for the NFT in order to better protect our users and NFTs. Users can now refresh the auction page to make normal bids.

For users who have previously bid, the CyberVein Foundation will return the original bid and make compensation equal to the original bid to the relevant addresses which can still receive 50 Heco-CVT, the airdrop bonus. In addition, after the release of this announcement, CROSS will not make any compensation to the addresses who have bid for the Cointelegraph NFT below the block of 3286910.

At the same time, there are no security loopholes in the other three NFTs, and users can feel free to bid. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident to CROSS users.

CyberVein Foundation

March 2021

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