CROSS detailed version information released

CROSS Introduction

CROSS is the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform, and also the most comprehensive NFT trading platform. Users can use CROSS to issue NFTs to realize the value of data assets. Here, it is not limited to the NFT issuance of games and encrypted artworks. Any individual and enterprise can issue data information, ticket documents, AI training models, etc. through the CROSS platform to generate their own NFT for auction.

-Low threshold, everyone can trade on CROSS, decentralized infrastructure means that anyone in the world can access it;

-Abundant data resources, providing transaction activity information, all the information needed by buyers and sellers can be easily get;

-It is a place for people to show off NFT and give full play to the value of NFT production capacity, with new types of artists and top artists participating;

-The experienced team can quickly iterate the platform, and if there is a technical problem, it will be dealt with immediately;

-Issuance fees are very low, and any user can get income through NFT, which encourages user enthusiasm;

The most comprehensive collection of NFT markets. NFTs include encrypted artworks, data tokens, AI training models, and data financial derivatives.

NFT types of CROSS

-Digital financial derivatives

First, labels are given to the data type, data time, data location, and data location. Different labels will affect the value of data assets. Then, the data is adjusted according to data quality, cost, timeliness, monopoly, rate of return, risk index and liquidity. Real-time pricing of assets.

-Training model

There are many deep learning and related models for the data processed and analyzed on DAVE. The data assets that need to be bought and sold are cleaned by algorithms to standardize the data set. By issuing NFT, the ownership of the data training model can be transferred to the blockchain, and then these training models can be transferred from the blockchain to the secondary market. Then release huge liquidity value.

-Digital token

Tokens have many uses and a very wide range of application scenarios. They must be equity certificates in digital form, including ID cards to academic diplomas, from currencies to bills, from tickets to points, cards and coupons, from stocks to bonds, Proof of all rights and interests including accounts and qualification certificates.

-Encrypted artwork

Including but not limited to pictures, videos, documents and other digital artworks. It is not limited to the form of pictures. It can be animated gifs and images. At present, programmable art forms have been developed, all of which are encrypted and attached with time stamps and personal I.D.

CROSS Version

In the CROSS platform, CVT Token is used to reward companies and individuals who submit resources for data processing and federated learning. It has practical uses. It can also be used as a medium for issuing and trading NFTs to realize data assetization and can undertake big data transactions. Functions such as fees, redemption of credit points and incentives.


Tokenize the value generated by individuals, which can include artworks, data, etc. In CROSS, NFTs are not only for influential artists, athletes, or experts. Anyone can publish their own satisfactory original works to issue NFTs. Especially in the value and application of rare collections, it can promote the development of digital patents and copyright registration, which has good practical significance.


There are many deep learning and related models for the data processed and analyzed on DAVE. business users who are members of the DAVE Alliance can participate in the issuance of AI training models and data financial derivatives. All members have a true understanding of the data and transaction behavior on the chain. Only well-qualified members can participate in NFT issuance and auctions, and adopt a decentralized governance model to achieve data value support and business promotion on the business and governments.

CROSS function

NFT Issuance

-Any individual and DAVE Alliance member can issue their own NFT through the NFT issuance function in the CROSS platform;

-Users can choose ERC-721 contract or ERC-1155 contract to issue NFT;

-Users of DAVE Alliance can cast NFT backup by DAVE through its DAVE Certificate;

-The NFT issued will be owned by the user.

NFT Auction

-Users can trade the NFT in their wallet to other users through the auction function in the CROSS platform;

-Users can choose a variety of auction modes, including English, Dutch and Vickery auctions;

-Users can set starting price, auction time and other information;

-Completely decentralized auction, the auction process is completely executed by smart contracts.

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