CROSS Bug Hunter Reward

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Come and get your share in the 10,000U worth CVT prize pool.

There’s nonstop for CyberVein in product improvement and upgrading.

We hope to debug CROSS along with you and pursue perfection of our product.

Event Time: 18:00 pm, Jan 13, 2021- 18:00 pm, Jan 26, 2021

How to Participate

Step 1: Visit the official website of CROSS (, review the page and go through the NFT issuance and trading process.

Step 2: When discovering a bug, take a screenshot and submit it to with detailed description. The more details the merrier.

Step 3: If there are two submissions of the same bug, CyberVein will only consider the first submission.

Step 4: Comprehensive evaluations will be conducted in three days after the event ends and will publish the result on its official website.

Evaluation Mechanism

CyberVein will evaluate the bugs from the following three aspects and select the ones that best reflect the underlying problems and imply possible solutions. We do not accept bugs triggered by poor network connection or Demo environment.

Bug Types

Malfunctions of the platform.

Unpleasant experiences in operation or display.

Potential Demands for the platform development.

Event Reward

CyberVein will rate the bugs submitted according to their significance and feasibility. Once their bugs are taken into account, participants will get the reward according to the grade.

CyberVein reserve the right to the interpretation of the event.

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