Continued Renaissance — The Grand Launch of CyberVein Global Official Website

To our dear CVT users and community members around the globe:

We are so grateful to your all-time following and support for CyberVein! As we expand our presence around the world and build up brand influence, we want to best utilize the Internet as channels to both connect people and promote our brand. Voila! Here’s our official website:

Highlight №1: Uniformed Brand DesignCyberVein held its Renaissance Rebranding Conference on Oct 26th, releasing its new brand image and updating brand information and logos. More neat and dynamic in the UI design, our website has adopted the classic color match of blue and white, perfectly blending the sense of technology with minimalism aesthetics. Check out our promotion video on the front page.

Highlight №2: Website Content Plain to See

We combed through the website content and improved the layer of information by restructuring and reprioritizing the content on display. We also adopt a simpler yet vivid design and upgrade the interaction experience so as to better suit the reading habits of our users. Five sections in the Guide, including ABOUT US, TECHNOLOGY, BLOCKCHAIN, DEVELOPER and COMMUNITY, help our visitors quickly access the information they want.

Highlight №3: Frontline Technologies a Click away

For the first time, we showcase the four core solutions at our website — PISR Database, DAG Storage Chain, Computing Power and Federated Learning. Meanwhile, we also add detailed introduction of CyberVein technologies, including AVE, CROSS, NFT, NODES, WALLET and EXPLORE.

Highlight №4: Full Case Studies

Since the start of the year, CyberVein has published a dozen of domestic and international cases and drawn wide attention from all fields with its outstanding technological achievements. Taking into account both the practicality and creativity of blockchain solutions, we have listed the three application scenarios of the most iconic DAVE that CyberVein developed. These scenarios are Smart Products, Medical and Generic Security.

Highlight №5: New Recruitment Channel

Want to embark on a new journey of smart city development in CyberVein? We have listed all the open positions to our potential global applicants. If you want to join, don’t hesitate to check out this page and apply.

Highlight №6: Continuous Updates on Website

Right now, we are planning on adding more content on our website. Always carrying the mission of bringing long-term benefits to our users, we make relentless efforts to improving our products, updating our website and building a solid technological foundation. New sections to be added are as follows:

1. Updating the progress in technological development, market expansion, community construction and case management. Publishing related services, strategies, techniques and tools.

2. Building multi-lingual websites with 10+ languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian and Spanish. Users may switch between these languages.

3. Adding Branding section and continuously improving brand information, identification, planning and designing.

4. Adding DAVE Alliance section and offering a comprehensive display of our partners and technological ecosystems.

5. Segmenting DAVE section and showcasing smart city solutions, case studies and technological progress from multiple angles.

Welcome old and new friends to our “new home”!

This update of our website is quite a big thing for CyberVein. This shows that we are completing our tasks one by one, progressing just as we planned. We look forward to reaching more milestones in the future.

If you are new to CyberVein, you are more than welcome to learn about us from start on our front page. If you want to explore more about us, our new website will bring you new understandings of our architecture. If you are an old friend of CyberVein, trust me, you’ll get better visual experience and access higher quality content.

At last, we’d like to invite you to join CyberVein in developing new data ecosystems. Meanwhile, any suggestions are welcomed! (Please contact us via




CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.

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