A tutorial to cross-chain ETH-CVT to Heco-CVT through the one-click cross-chain tool Poly Bridge

4 min readApr 14, 2021


1. Open the Chrome browser to log in to MetaMask official website metamask.io and click Download now.

2. Select the Chrome version, and click Install MetaMask for Chrome to download and install.

3. Select Add to Chrome to deploy MetaMask to the browser.

4. Click Add extension.

5. Click Get Started.

6. Choose Create a Wallet.

7. Click I Agree.

8. Create a password, enter the password and click Create.

9. Create mnemonic words and make a secret backup: Click Click here to reveal secret words, start to create secret words. Please keep the words on a storage medium.

10. Confirm secret backup phrase: According to the secret words, click each of the words in order, and click confirm when you are done (Please save the MetaMask address and private password. Do not delete it at will, otherwise it will be lost permanently.)

11. Create and import the Ethereum address successfully, click the network option next to the avatar in the upper right corner to switch to the Ethereum mainnet.

12. Open https://bridge.poly.network/ in the Chrome browser, and open the Metamask wallet to switch to Ethereum mainnet.

Note: The cross-chain process needs to charge the Ethereum GAS network fee, so please ensure that the wallet has a certain amount of ETH as the GAS fee (it is recommended to put the wallet to 0.05 ETH for backup).

13. Click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner, and then click Connect MetaMask to connect to the wallet.

14. Select the account and click Next to connect to the wallet successfully.

15. Choose CVT in Asset of Bridge, select From EthereumTo Heco, enter the number of CVT transfers and click CONNECT WALLET to enter the authorization interface.

16. Click APPROVE to enter to confirm the authorization. Remember that the authorization process will charge a certain GAS network fee according to the Ethernet network (about 0.005 ETH — 0.008 ETH).

17. Click NEXT and then CONFIRM on the pop-up interface.

18. Click to confirm cross-chain. The cross-chain information needs to be confirmed on the Ethereum chain, so please wait patiently for 1–5 minutes. When the interface displays Finished, the cross-chain is completed.

Note: The successful cross-chain process will charge a certain GAS network fee (about 0.03 ETH) according to the Ethernet network.

19. After the cross-chain is successful, click the avatar in the upper right corner to switch to the HECO network, and click below to add tokens.

20. When it comes to custom token, enter the HECO contract address of CVT, and click to enter the next step to add the CVT token successfully.

HECO contract address of CVT: 0xD27547A4e3bA5FBc8ac6C2477151aB8E17e4D341

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