A Letter From CyberVein: Review and Prospect of CyberVein’s 3rd Anniversary

Accelerate Into An Exciting Future!

To CVT users and community members worldwide:

2020 is a very important year for the blockchain industry. CyberVein, as a member of the blockchain industry,2020 is also significant to us.CVT will hold a rebranding conference at the third-anniversary and review past achievements at the conference of CVT. we looked back on the past achievements, looking forward to the direction we are working on, celebrating the steady operation of CVT globally. Technological innovation and community drive have always been the core elements of CVT development. CVT will give back to everyone a better smart city and digital world.

CyberVein was established in 2017, initiated by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation, and commissioned a global smart city operation center to carry out the construction and development of global smart cities. With the continuous support of the global community, CVT has jointly built a more open, connected, and efficient world, realizing the vision of a new smart city and digital world. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has given high hopes and support to CVT!

Important Cooperation in 2020

The progress of blockchain technology is astounding, and some public chain developers use “a change a day” to describe the current changes in the industry. That the whole industry is becoming more hopeful and interesting. Looking around all areas of the industry, especially in the DeFi field, many successful innovation cases have emerged. However, the industry still faces many challenges: the process of large-scale implementation and industry supervision is still relatively slow; the use of many platforms’ scalability and ease have yet to be improved; the most important is big data, and whose efficiency, value have not yet been effectively developed…In the rapidly changing digital world, CVT has reached important cooperation with many large enterprises and organizations to promote the construction of smart cities and the development of digital asset value, and actively embrace and integrate DeFi, NFT, and other fields, so that blockchain applications and ecology can be innovated and popularized.

Technical Cooperation

Working with more than 30 domestic and overseas institutions such as Kingsoft Cloud, Dubai Government, Zhejiang University, etc., to jointly create a smart city ecology, which will be effective in various fields such as future cities, digital government, urban decision-making governance, future communities, people’s livelihood, vertical applications, etc. This is a marvelous trend. You will see more and more integration of CVT with the real and digital economy.

Forming a Smart City Alliance

We have established the Smart City Alliance. It is a sustainable “smart organization” and “organic ecology” in the blockchain industry. Several well-known public chain projects have joined as founding members and will announce the cooperation and open the global recruitment of partners At The CVT Rebranding Conference.

The Rapid Expansion of Global Communities

We have established community self-government committees in 31 countries and regions including China, Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, India, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines, France, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. And have has millions of fans.

Two Breakthrough Technologies

In 2020, CVT also achieved two important breakthrough technologies and improved the monthly report of global project progress into a semi-monthly report, so that everyone can understand our technological progress in a timely manner, and it also means the acceleration of our technological research and development process. In addition to achieving the basic technical reserves described in its vision in accordance with its promised white paper, CVT also brings the following brand-new ecological products and platforms, on top of the original safe and excellent performance underlying technology, to carry out infinite possibilities of innovation and expansion.

DAVE (Data Analytics & Valuation Engine)

Includes the four core technologies of PISR database, DAG storage chain, distributed computing power integration, and federated learning. We have provided customized solutions in the fields of smart finance, smart medical, smart transportation, and smart home, using big data coverage + AI algorithms + distributed storage guarantee to create a new digital infrastructure of integration + flexibility + intelligence, capitalizing data production factors, and realize the value of big data. In addition, CVT has planned to issue and trade NFT in DAVE, and users can experience it this month.


As the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance & trading platform with full-category financial derivatives (CeFi+DiFi) revenue, it has revolutionized DeFi+NFT and upgraded AI algorithm + distributed storage. The main technology is based on the blockchain ERC-1155 standard, which is supported by OKEx and Binance Labs. The metadata is recorded and uploaded to the PISR database. The DAVE engine is used for data cleaning, deduplication, sampling, desensitization, batch processing and merging. More than 20 ZB of data has been realized by the CROSS platform through the NFT to realize the big data monetization, thus the data assets of the big data company can be revitalized, and the NFT has obtained 50%-200% of the liquid asset income.

Through our efforts, we have laid a solid foundation for the “Cefi+Defi+NFT+AI” super ecology of CVT.

CVT Realize Expected Values With Its Competence

CyberVein as the world’s first public chain with implemented industries, our applications and products have major innovations to share with you. At the same time, it is preparing a series of global activities to attract more developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join the ecosystem. In order to give the old users a better explanation and let more new users fully understand the CVT, the team will hold the “CVT Rebranding Conference” live in Shanghai on October 26th and have live broadcast to the globe. During the Conference, we will fully display the latest achievements such as CVT DAVE and CROSS. The specific agenda includes looking back at the past 3 years, announcing the current technological progress, and forecasting the upcoming innovative products. In addition, we will announce major market news and progress on the spot, and openly recruit more partners.

CVT’s renewal journey is here, you only need to take a step forward and you will be able to see a great future. We are looking forward to your support!

Singapore CV Technology Foundation

October 2020

CyberVein reinvents decentralized databases and the way we secure and monetize information.