1st CROSS Mystery Box Game to be launched on Feb 26, with HT equivalent of 0.5 BTC for highest reward

4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Introduction to CROSS Mystery Box Game:

The CROSS Mystery Box Game will be held every two weeks with 4 NFT works uploaded each time. Each work of the series is a mystery box, and only one of the works contains additional awards. The CyberVein Foundation will award tokens of no less than 0.5 BTC equivalent as the ultimate prize.

Game URL:

Log in to cycross.io and click “For individual” before seeing “Mystery Box” on the left side. Click “Join” to enter the NFT works’ page and choose any NFT work for bidding.

Game time:

Phase 1: 10:00 February 26–10:00 February 27 (UTC+8, last for 24 hours)

Game Starting Price:

The starting price of an NFT work for the first time is 0.5 HT, and the player’s bid must be higher than 0.5 HT.

Reward Acquisition Time:

HT equivalent of 0.5 BTC will arrive in real time.

Auction Method:

This auction model adopts the Vickery Auction, also known as blind auction. All bidders submit sealed bids at the same time, and no one knows the bids of others as a result. The bidder with the highest bid will get the auction item at their price, which means that the winner needs to pay more than the starting price.

Game Rules:

At 10:00 on February 26th (UTC+8), CROSS will launch a bidding for 4 NFT works in the mystery box area. The bidding time last for 4 hours.

Participate in the auction: The first bidding time for the first mystery box is 10:00–14:00. Players can click on their favourite NFT work directly during this time to enter the auction page. An address is allowed for one work and for multiple NFT works respectively as well;

②Successful bidding: At 14:00, the addresses of the 4 successful players will be displayed. They can freely choose whether or not to open the mystery box. If the mystery box is not opened, the second bidding can be launched;

Reauction: Players who choose reauction can customize the amount and time, but the smart contract will automatically open the unopened mystery box at 10:00 on February 27th. Therefore, the official recommendation is that the ending time of reauction should be set before the official end of the event;

For example, if the event ends at 10:00 and you initiate an auction with a bidding time of 10 hours at 09:30, the smart contract will still automatically open the mystery box you initiated to announce whether or not you have won the prize at 10:00;

④Open the mystery box: If you win, the entire game will end; if you do not win, the winning rate of the other three NFT works will increase, and the value of the works will be higher;

⑤No reauction and no opening of the mystery box: The NFT mystery box will be stored in the address until the system opens automatically at 10:00 on February 27.

Names of NFT Works in the Mystery Box:

In the first two phases, Mr. Chi Lei will design on his own based on the co-branded party and the Chinese New Year of the Ox & Bull market. The co-branded party will also participate in the auction. Works from Phase 1 are as follows:

①Huobi Ecological Chain Heco (Title of work: Endless Energy of the Ox)

②Poloniex Exchange (Title of work: Ox Spirit)

③MXC Exchange (Title of work: Lucky Ox)

④Piction Network (Title of work: Ox-cellent Luck)

Works from Phase 2 are as follows:

⑤Cointelegraph (Title of work: Perseverance of the Ox)

⑥Bitget Exchange (Title of work: Ox and Money)

⑥ Planet Daily (Title of work: Luck from the Ox)

⑧TRON Public Chain (Title of work: Treasure with the Ox)

Note for the Mystery Box:

① Players need to ensure that there are sufficient HT in the address for bidding;

②For NFT works that are reauctioned, it is necessary that the mystery box is not opened. If the box is opened, reauction cannot be performed during the game, but it can take place when the game is over;

③If the four NFT works are not opened after auction, the CROSS system will automatically open the mystery box at 10:00 on the second day and announce the address of the prize equivalent of 0.5 BTC;

④If a player opens the mystery box in advance and wins the prize, the game will end accordingly. There is no need to wait for the system to open automatically the next day;

⑤The above rules apply to any player who successfully bids for the NFT works, but not the player who bids successfully for the first time;

Compared with counterparts, what are the advantages of CROSS Mystery Box Game?

①Lower threshold: Blind auctions are adopted to lower the threshold for participation. All users’ bids need to be higher than the starting price;

②Bigger rewards: The rewards are no less than 0.5 BTC equivalent in each phase, which will be received in real time when the mystery box is opened;

③Lower risk: Players who make successful bids for NFT works and mystery boxes can choose to reauction NFT mystery boxes within the specified time to pocket the difference and reduce the risk;

④ Higher value: Mr. Chi Lei, a renowned designer with millions of followers, cooperate with well-known projects in the currency field, exchanges, and media, creating joint NFT works of more value and higher scarcity.




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